Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Predictions

Pre-Fall Camp Update:
So fall camp is about to begin and I am drooling on my keyboard, because All-Sport passes go on sale August 3rd. So here are my predictions and somepredictions going into camp:
-Max Hall will be better in big games that he was last year. Ok so that's not that bold of a prediction because it would be nearly impossible for him to get worse. He will be better though, because of the loss of Austin Collie. That means that Hall won't be able to lock in on a single reciever like he did last year and this will force defenses to be more honest in defending BYU's passing attack.
-There will not be any drop off in performance from the offensive line. The O-line lost 4 starters this year but they will be replaced by more than adequate players with a lot of experience. Plus they return Freshman All-american Matt Reynolds.
-The defense returns quite a bit of experience from last years team but they will have to be a lot better if they expect to compete for a BCS bowl. This unit looks to be a bit more athletic than last years with the inclusion of some key JC transfers into the secondary. Expect a big impact from transfer CB Lee Aguire
-Deffensive End Jan Jorgenson said on a local radio station that he was concerned about the secondary. That's not a big surprise, frankly I would be a bit concerned for Jorgenson's mental health if he was not concerned about the secondary. The good news is that they can't get too much worse than last years unit, and as mentioned earlier, some key JC transfers should sure up the unit a lot.
-Possition changes:Vic So'oto is switching to defensive end to help fill the void left by Russell Tialavea and Ian Dulan who are leaving to serve church missions.I like the switch and I think So'oto will do a lot of damage in the backfield of BYU's opponents. Jordan Pendelton switched in the spring from a DB to Linebacker. Pendelton is a great athlete and will huge for the BYU defense this year, as soon as he learns the schemes.Scott Johnson has also switched from a CB to a Safety. Johnson is a very smart player who works hard and is a great leader. He will quarterback the defense from here and this should be a definite upgrade from Kellen Fowler last year.
Finally the Cougars are working a lot harder this summer than they were last year when they were prematurly annointed "BCS Busters" before they had actually earned it. If these guys keep their heads and continue to work they will be in the mix come November. They are working their tails off in a real quest for perfectionthis year. They're just not telling anyone this time.

Cougar Addicts

Ok so football season is almost here. So GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! This will be a place to discuss our passion for the cougars and our hatred of those vile yewts!