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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Predicting the Holy War

Trying to guess the winner of the Holy War is like picking the winning horse in the Kentucky derby. Some horses might have a better chance but when the race is actually run, anyone has a chance. I'm just glad there is not family pool like there is with the NCAA tournament because I'm sure my sister or my aunt would win because they just used their birthday to pick the score. Before I get to that I feel obligated to predict the rest of the MWC scores.

Wyoming at CSU: The Cowboys are fighting for a bowl birth and CSU is fighting for pride. It's another rivalry games so it's another tough one to pick. I'm going with the hot hand in this one. I think Wyoming's offense will do just enough to keep them within striking range all game long. ACS will come alive in the 4th quarter for a touchdown drive, the win, and a bowl game. Wyoming 21 CSU 17

New Mexico at TCU: New Mexico has progressively gotten better as the year has gone on. This one will get ugly though because there is a lot on the line for TCU. I don't think there will be any letdowns at this point. TCU 55 New Mexico 7

SDSU at UNLV: I don't think this game means much to either team except ending the season with a win. Neither team is going bowling. For SDSU they are on the up and up and talent wise they should win this game. UNLV may have something to play for if they want to send Sanford out on a win. I think i will be a nail bighter with SDSU winning a close one. SDSU 49 UNLV 42

Utah at BYU: BYU will be favored by a few points when the game starts at 3 on Saturday but that really doesn't mean much. The Y has traditionally been very good in this rivalry game when a Senior QB is at the helm. Actually since 2001 BYU is 2-0 when playing with a Senior QB and Utah is also 2-0 when playing with a Senior QB. I think that will be the difference as the Utes will be starting Fr. Jordan Wynn. I look for Hall to have a monster game because I think the Utes will stack the box and force Hall to win the game instead of Unga. BYU 31 Utah 17

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't look now but my record is better than Max Hall's

Max Hall is a measly 29-7 in his BYU career and he only went 1-0 last week. I on the other hand am 32-6 and I went 4-0 last week. Can I get a scholarship for that? And this week I say:

TCU at Wyoming: The good news for Wyoming is OK I don't think there is any good news this week for the Cowboys. I don't see TCU letting down at all and right now they are arguably the best team in the country. They are focused and Wyoming is too young and they don't quite have enough talent to compete this week. I won't be as bad as the meltdown against BYU though. TCU 56 Wyoming 7

Air Force at BYU: Air Force is coming off a convincing win against UNLV but who hasn't. The Cougars on the other hand struggled on the road against New Mexico. BYU's offense will be very crisp this week and Air Force will not be able to contain Harvey Unga or Dennis Pitta. The field will be hard from the cold so they won't have the issues that they have had in past weeks with not getting proper footing on offense. BYU also has traditionally handled Air Force's option attack very well. BYU 35 Air Force 19

San Diego St. at Utah: For those of you that are waiting for Utah's annual meltdown game you might want to tune in to this one. SDSU is dangerous on offense and Utah is coming off a bad loss to TCU. Utah will have enough guns on defense and SDSU's defense is bad enough that Utah will squeak one out. SDSU 21 Utah 24

CSU at New Mexico: Hmmm what to say what to say... Ugh. CSU 21 New Mexico 18

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jimmer drops 25, Cougars roll.

I would be more excited about this game but some freshman kid stole my beanie right out from underneath me when I wasn't looking. So here are some quick hits and thoughts from last nights game:
- Jimmer scored 25 points. The best part about that is it LOOKED like he had a mediocre game. He was off most of the night on his shot and the lack of an inside game hurt him I think. When this team struggles during the season Jimmer will take the team on his back and that is very good news.
- Jax and JT both struggled to get into the flow of the game. Between the two of them they shot 6-22 from the field with 7 PF and 5 TO and 2 assists.
- The hero tonight was Mike Lloyd Jr. (Can we call him MLJ?) He came in and shot 4-4 from the field for 10 points. He had 4 rebounds and a steal. Very impressive outing from the RS Sophomore.
- BYU is very deep. Transfer Logan Magnusson only got in for 2 minutes but still managed to pull down a couple of boards and got an assist.
- Davies looked good but was only in the game for 10 minutes and he struggled from the charity stripe going 1-4.
- Haws went 0-2 from the field and 4-6 from the line. Most impressive were his 5 defensive boards and his 2 offensive boards. He led the team in rebounds. Ty struggled just a little bit on defense. He lost his man a couple times and it looked like he was having a hard time helping and recovering. That is something that will get better within a couple games though.
Overall this was a very good opener from the Cougars. There were a couple times when I thought the Braves were going to be in the game all the way. Each time though BYU rallied and closed the door to an upset. That's not easy to do in the first game of the season, just ask the Utes about Idaho.

Friday, November 13, 2009

MWC Predictions

I'm just rolling folks. I went 4-1 last week so my record is up to 28-6. Not bad. Lets see how I do this week.

UNLV at Air Force: I don't really see UNLV staying in this game for very long. It's in Colorado Springs and it's going to be cold. Air Force's defense will be too much for UNLV's offense and well UNLV's defense is almost non existent. Air Force could rack up 300 + yards rushing. That equals a victory for the Falcons. Air Force 35 UNLV 14

Utah at TCU: Utah is going into DFW this weekend with a Freshman QB. That spells trouble for the Utes who otherwise match up very well with TCU. Utah usually does well against TCU because there defense is good enough to keep them in the contest and give their offense a chance to mustar a few points. TCU's defense will eat Freshman Wynn alive and get 2 pick and at least one fumble from the kid. TCU 28 Utah 14

Wyoming at SDSU: A bowl game is on the line for both of these 1st year head coaches. The winner gets in inside track at a bowl game and the loser has to knock off a top team in order to become bowl eligable. It's safe to say that the loser will not be practicing in December. Wyoming's defense will have to be better than they were last week in order to stop SDSU's offense. In Laramie I would take the Cowboys in this one but in sunny San Diego it's a different story. This is another bad match up for the Cowboys. Christiansen is a good coach though and I think he's got something up his sleeve so I'm still going to take the Cowboys in a close one. Wyoming 24 SDSU 21

BYU at New Mexico: This game will just be the second bye in three weeks for the Cougars. New Mexico is terrible and could likely go winless this year. BYU 49 New Mexico 3

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Introducing the Score Predictor

Alright folks, last week I did well with my predictions going 4-0 so that brings my overall record up to 24-5. Here are this weeks predictions:

Army at Air Force: I'm going to pick Air Force on this one. I'll be honest, I haven't seen Army play at all but they are just 3-5 on the year. Air Force is coming off a convincing win against CSU and I think they will roll. Air Force 24 Navy 10

TCU at SDSU: This should be a pretty good game. By that I mean the weather should be good. As far as the score goes, this one will get ugly, fast. TCU has no problem running up the score to get style points in their bid for the BCS. SDSU will be just the next in line to be victimized. SDSU's best weapon (that one wide receiver that owned BYU) will be neutralized by TCU's awesome secondary.

New Mexico at Utah: Not sure what Whittingham is trying to do by not announcing his starting QB for the week. He said he wants to make it hard for NM to get ready for the game... Now I could be wrong but I would guess Utah could start their water boy and still win this game very easily. New Mexico's defense should give Utah's terrible offense a little confidence going into next weeks showdown against TCU. Don't be surprised if Utah has a total letdown here though. No doubt they are looking ahead to the TCU game next week. Kwhittingham's teams have a tendency to lose games the have no business losing. They'll pull this one out in the end though. Utah 27 New Mexico 17

CSU at UNLV: A few weeks ago I said the winner of the SDSU vs CSU game would end up placing 5th in the conference and the loser would end up at 7th. Well I still think that will hold true and so that's why I think CSU will squeak by UNLV on the road. CSU 45 UNLV 42

BYU vs Wyoming: On paper this one doesn't look like it will be too close of a game. But as the saying goes, that's why they play the game. The Cougars are coming off a demoralizing loss to TCU and Wyoming is coming off a tough loss to Utah. I think the Cougars will steam roll the Cowboys and here's why:
1. Wyoming will have no answer for Unga. This will open up the play action and passing game and Max Hall is going to have a hay day.
2. Wyoming does not have the offense that it takes to beat BYU. Their receivers aren't very good and they have an average Freshman QB with a lot of potential, but it is still just that: potential. ACS ranks 8th among the 9 QB's in the Mountain West in passing efficiency. BYU will be able to shut him down on 3rd down runs when he is dangerous.
BYU 41 Wyoming 10
Ok check out the following video to find out the real reason BYU will beat Wyoming on Saturday.
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