Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cougar fans bid Farewell to Seniors

This Saturday will mark the last home game for BYU Seniors Jonathan Tavernari, Lamont Morgan, Jr. and Chris Miles. All three players hold a special place in the heart of BYU fans. Saturday will also be the last time for most fans to witness live the heart, determination and skill that these three have shown us throughout their careers. I will be at the Marriott Center on Saturday at two to bid farewell, but this is why I will miss each one:

Jonathan Tavernari: Watching Tavernari play is like riding on a roller coaster. Their were highs and there were lows, but the highs were so fun that you get right back in line to see if you can take another ride. BYU will miss JT's three point shots but they will also miss his rebounding ability and his quick hands. When JT arrived on campus he was a three point shooter with a quick and a pretty turn-around J. As teams put more focus on the former MWC Freshman of the year he was forced to become a more complete player and that he did. JT is an excellent rebounder and there aren't very many people in the conference that can get their hands into the passing lane as well as JT does.
Best Game: November 23, 2007 BYU took on and beat then #6 Louisville. JT lead the Cougars with 29 pts on 5-11 shooting from behind the arc. He also brought in 7 rebounds and a team high 2 steals.
Why you will miss JT: First of all you won't find a better team player than JT. He has caught a lot of flack from some very uneducated fans for his streaky shooting. Even he will admit that he has had some rough patches, but what he has done this year should gain the respect of every Cougar fan. Early in the season when JT was struggling he suggested that the team would benefit from him coming off the bench as a sixth man. That is something only a team player will do. So just how good is JT right now? Well he's 13-26 from behind the arc in the last 4 games and has come up with big shot after big shot. Yes, "JT for 3" will surely be missed.

Lamont Morgan Jr.: Lamont's quickness and maturity at the back-up point position has been fun to watch over his career. Had he not been behind possibly the greatest point guard in BYU history, he might have been even better. It is hard to explain to most people why Morgan is so important to this team. To the untrained eye he looks like a run of the mill back up point guard who averaged a mere 3.4 points per game and to go along with 1 assist. The one thing that can somewhat explain how popular Lamont is among his teammates is that he was elected team captain his senior year. Lamont has an infectious personality that is hard not like. You've got to love his smile and his work ethic. From Cougar fans every where: Thanks and Good Luck Lamont!

Chris Miles: If you've watched any games this year you will quickly realize that Miles is the glue to this teams defense. One of my favorite moments this year was watching Utah's Foster catch the ball on the low block and then end up taking a 15' turn around because Miles completely owned him. When Miles is on the low block I don't worry about anybody being a post scoring threat. He didn't block shots, but nobody has the footwork and positioning that he does. Miles is a very good defensive player who works harder than anybody else on the court. In case you don't watch very much basketball I just want to point out some of the little things that Miles does that helps the Cougars win and that will be missed when he leaves: Miles gets up and down the court like no other big man in the league. This wears down opposing big men because they are forced to sprint up and down the court in order to keep up with Miles. Chris is very good at boxing his guy completely out of an area. This allows every one else to get the rebound and often shuts down the other teams best rebounder. Miles gets the crowd going too. I can remember many times when the fans seem to be asleep or reading the newspaper. Miles' energy was so infectious that those fans had no choice but to get on their feet. A lot of the things that Miles does don't show up in the stat sheet but I hope Miles knows how much fans appreciate his work ethic. Good luck Chris, you will be missed.

Oh yeah and one more thing that these guys will be remembered for by the end of the year: 4 MWC championships in 4 years. 'Nuff Said.

Monday, February 1, 2010


This photo is brought to you courtesy of my wife... pretty funny stuff.