Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guard Marsha Henderson leaves Utah, taken 5th in WNBA draft

According to a recent press release University of Utah guard Marsha Henderson has left the school in order to pursue a professional basketball career. According to inside sources Henderson has indeed declared for the WNBA draft. Henderson made his decision after he was told by WNBA scouts that he would be a first round draft pick. Marsha was selected with the 5th overall pick by the San Antonio Silver Stars. (Above: Henderson gets ready for WNBA play) San Antonio GM Dan Hughs said that Henderson's 1-20 shooting would be "a big boost" for the Silver Stars. The news was announced this morning during the WNBA draft but due to the fact that no one was watching or paying any attention, it took a while for the news to get out. According to the Silver Stars coach Sandy Brondello, "It will be great to have someone like Marsha on the team. With the way he er I mean she raises her hand in the air with three fingers when she finally makes a shot, that is impressive. Between Marsha and that one Olympic runner that got caught using steroids, we should have a pretty good team." Coach Brondello who was still crushed after finding out Joakim Noah would not be available for the WNBA draft also commented on Henderson's ability to make shots when no one is guarding her saying "He er I mean she certainly has that ability to score points when no one is around to block her shot so she should do very well in this league." WNBA Commissioner David Stern responded to criticism by saying "No one watches the WNBA anyway, and even if someone does I'm sure they won't notice, he hits like a girl and he whines like a girl. Most of the girls playing look more like men anyway". Henderson will begin practicing with the Silver Stars in June.